Dodge City Public Library

The Dodge City Public Library needed to resurface one of the highest traffic areas in town. After looking at many different options they choose the most durable, and in my opinion the most beautiful.

This is the old rubber tiled entry area of the Dodge City Public Library.
This is the old worn carpet in the front lobby area.
This is the old concrete entry walk. This is our cutest little concrete worker.
We go the extra distance to make sure our customer's clients don't suffer inconvenience. We ensure our construction work is safely blocked off from the public. Many people enjoy watching our crews at work.
We put a small TV up so people could learn what we were doing to their Public Library. Prepping the old surface to accept the CTi process.
Ripping up the old flooring. Preping the old surface to accept the CTi process.
Sealing existing cracks in the floor. The lobby floor about ready for the CTi process
Making the floor ultra smooth. Sealing more cracks.
Attention to detail makes Brak Hard the best in this business. Surface preparations.
A close up of pre-existing cracking. The CTi after being applied.
The attractive and easy to maintain hallway. The entry area - another view.
Another entry view. Looking towards the door.
Wow, the CTi and the natural stone complement each other so well. Almost ready...
Almost ready to open to the public. The new CTi surface in the lobby area. Looks nice, doesn't it?
Open to the public in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1... The public sees a new lobby and DCPL has a high traction - low maintenance lobby floor.
The new entry CTi flooring. This is a very high traffic area. It gets snow, salt, sand and mud. It is easy to maintain as well as offering traction My super crew: hard working and polite! Thanks gentlemen for representing Brak Hard so well.
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